2008: Nagisa Music Festival Tokyo Japan
--- Club Cita Tokyo Japan
--- Departure Lounge Tokyo Japan
--- Resident VJ @ Freak n Chic Parties (Bus Palladium)

--- Resident VJ @ Freak n Chic Parties
--- "Electrick Dandy s Sound System"
--- Les Bains Douches
--- FFDB@ Senat-Paris
--- Maxim's
--- PAvillon Gabriel
--- Resident VJ @ Freak n chic Parties .
--- Omniric Partie's @ Rex Club
--- Paris-Paris Club
--- Hiroki Mode-Ebisu-Tokyo
--- Club Womb-Tokyo
--- Circus Company@Nouveau Casino - Paris
--- Katapult Party @ rex Club
@ Mains D'Oeuvre – Paris
--- FFDB @ Senat-Paris
--- Rex club, Nix Nox club , Chapelle Saint Sauveur
--- "Carré Rive Gauche" @ ALB antiquités (installation video)-Paris
--- "Designer Day" Parcours parisien du design avec [O,O] @ Elitis (instalation video) -Paris
--- "Dormeuil Show Case Party " @ Hotel Claska -Meiguro-Tokyo
--- "Parcours de la Couleur" @ Hotel Alcazar. Comité Francais de la couleur


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vj ruddy

Already known as a frantic picture designer in the photographic world, Ruddy Candillon jumps up back to his first kicks : painting, but this time through technology. As a VJay, Ruddy performs live painting sessions with computers and projectors to mesmerize dance floors. Using his previous DJ skill to feel the groove, he now adds the pictures to the sound in a new mix up.
Showing in France as resident VJay for the happy few clubbers of « freak'n'chic » parties, as a guest he manages as well to illuminate some famous clubs like « RexClub » or other private happenings. He also sprays his lights in Japan , collaborating occasionaly with UNU.
Shaking up the established and obsolete « disco-light minded spirit » of blind organisers, Ruddy wants , as he says, to overblow the borderlines of imagination. Surfing live on the uncounscious public demand for raving, plugged in the « one nation under a groove », he uses exclusiv patterns and healing messages to re-syncronise the clubber's brains for better life.... Definitely, those animated wall papers are nothing less than shamanic art therapy to go further in partying….
Check this synthesis of cinetic works regenerated in techno music and watch out the emergence of this brillant duo delivering the most updated Digitalism right from the matrix…

vj 808y

cyber dandy / musician / media activist / crazy archivist / influenced by old school russian hacker scene as well as anti-ad and mutilated pop culture icons.
In 2008, he had his 25th birthday of computer art started on a TO-7 of 1983.
808y started VJing in 1997 combo with liz, projecting home made clips and diapo in raves, art performance, clubs.. :)
While a cursus in fine arts he engages his activity in net-art, video cut-up and musical collage.
As a VJ he claims teaching obscure digital art history during parties.
He's also a serial night groover since the early 90s in different scene like punk,rock,jazz,rave,noise,cut up,glitch....
« It's always good to learn something, even on a dance floor » he likes to say!